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Hi, I’m Sally Galloway, the founder and director of the Center for Health and Harmony. I am a healthy lifestyle coach, author of the Mind-Body-Spirit best-seller Vitamin Soup, A Recipe for Soulful Nourishment from A to Z, and most importantly, mom to a beautiful baby daughter who was born when I was 48.

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I created the Center for Health and Harmony to empower women to make healthier choices, to learn natural, fun, and delicious ways to feed your soul and make you happy during preconception and pregnancy, and to help keep you and your family healthy.

If you’re like me, you waited until the time was “just right” to start a family, and now maybe it’s taking longer than you hoped. In my early 40’s I was getting stifling hot flashes, and I thought my lifelong dream of being a mother was over. My doctors weren’t giving me any hope for a healthy pregnancy. I spent a couple of years in grief and regret before I decided that being a mom was my highest calling. I just knew it was the best thing I could ever do and that I HAD to go for it before it was too late.

Healthy Pregnancy Over 35?

Because I do nutrition counseling, I thought this would be EASY. So I did everything I could to get pregnant. I mean everything.

  • Ate a fertility diet
  • Practiced fertility yoga
  • Got fertility massage
  • Took fertility-boosting hormones and supplements
  • Received fertility acupuncture
  • Chanted fertility mantras
  • Tracked fertility biomarkers: timing everything, taking temperatures, making charts and graphs for months

And still nothing. My health was great, but I was still eating for one.

Finally, after grieving for a few months, I asked myself if I was really willing to do whatever it took to make this dream of mine come true or if I was willing to give up on the one things I’d always wanted.

The answer was YES. Go for it.

So I did some major work on my mindset, and in less than a year, I became a very happy first-time mom to an amazing and beautiful little girl.

What I did to get to prepare for a healthy pregnancy revealed in free ebook.

I’m going to share with you the things that I did that will help YOU get set up for a healthy pregnancy, and it’s what I learned by doing everything backwards. I’m also going to save you the time it took me and give you the shortcut to a beautiful pregnancy. Sure, you know diet and prenatal vitamins are important, but that’s not where you start. And it’s not what you think. Amazingly, it’s only by doing this one thing FIRST that you actually ensure a healthy pregnancy.

You see, success is easier and faster when you feed your body with nourishing foods and your mind with nourishing thoughts. You have to cleanse and detox your brain before you cleanse your body.

Setting up your mind for a
positively passionate pregnancy
has to come first!

So I created this “fertile mind” ebook so your healthy pregnancy would start early by feeding your brain. With “YES! Food: Nourishment for a Healthy Pregnancy,” you’ll get rid of the stuff that’s toxic to your psyche and replace it with these bite-sized nuggets of wisdom and encouragement to give you an array of healthy choices when you feel stuck or need a little encouragement.

Say YES! to a healthy pregnancy. 

Please don’t waste any more of your precious time. To get your free copy of YES! Food: Nourishment for a Healthy Pregnancy, simply enter your information in the boxes on this page. Don’t wait for this like you waited to start your family. Get your positive passionate pregnancy ebook now, and let these nuggets of wisdom nourish and empower you to say YES! to your healthy pregnancy today.